Hey there! I am Drishti (24, Indian).

If this is your first time here, let me start the introduction with my life story.

I was an unrecognized left-out girl in my school days. It was hard for me to impress people and make them laugh with my lame jokes. I left school with almost no friends. I was so depressed with this and made up my mind to improve myself.

I started reading books, listening to podcasts and watching interviews of people with dynamic personalities. I realized that we are the average of 5 people we spend most of the time with.

Soon, I made a drastic change in my personality and gained the confidence to interact with a lot of people. Although my jokes are still considered to be lame (and I am working on it), I managed to make myself noticeable and stand out in the crowd.

If I can improve my Personality by changing my mindset, even you can. I am here to help you so that you can develop your personality. Because your Personality Speaks when your mouth doesn’t. Read in detail why you lack confidence and other related blogs on my website.

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