15 Skills we’ll be Expert in post Quarantine

Almost every country is suffering from the pandemic coronavirus isolation or a let’s just say the most searched word for it – Quarantine. It’s a tough time for everyone around the world but probably the only way to stay safe is to stay indoors. The time we are spending during this period will make us skilled in a few things after the quarantine is over.

We aren’t realizing it now, but there are few things that are making us skilled during this COVID-19 quarantine phase. Here is the list of 15 such things that will make us skilled post quarantine. Check which one will you be skilled in:

1. Cleaning our mess

kid cleaning the mess

21 days of quarantine will teach us how to clean our mess. On usual days, we become so busy in our daily routine that we forget to keep our stuff in the right place. Now that we have a hell lot of time, we know how to keep our surroundings clean. We help our mom’s in cleaning dishes, dusting rooms, and other household chores (be it by your own will or just because your mom said to do so).

Its rightly said that to adopt a new habit or make it a part of your routine, you need to practice that thing for 21 continuous days (either forcefully or willingly). So whatever small task you do during this 21-day quarantine period, will form a new habit which you are most likely to follow even when the quarantine is over.

2. Being patient & managing frustration


For introverts, quarantine is a bliss. They love to cancel plans and stay indoors. But after cancelling plans, they still had an option to at least move out of home when they wanted to. Now you cannot step out for three straight weeks. This is where your patience is tested.

Being indoors for 24/7 till 21 days may increase our frustration and anger of not stepping out of our home. But somewhere we are counting days on our finger and it makes us happy reciting – 10 days left, 9 days left, 8 days left…

If during quarantine, we patiently manage our frustration & anger, we will be experts in handling tough situations even in our future. This is the skill many people lack and we should be grateful that we got to learn & practice this skill.

3. Great Cooks

good cooks

We all live for food and in the quarantine period, you might have cooked at least once. Even if you have entered the kitchen for the first time, you are most likely to cook food as if you’re a MasterChef; all thanks to the YouTube cooking tutorials.

I know you won’t be doing this for continuous 21 days, but you will know the basic recipes to cook for your survival.

Cooking is a skill that should not be bifurcated on a gender basis as we all have a stomach & we cannot live without feeding it, be it men or women. If you still haven’t cooked, it’s the time you learn how to.

4. Learning different ways to entertain ourselves

solving rubix cube

You might be a lazy ass but you still cannot be sitting at one place for 21 days without performing any task. You will be bored and will find ways to keep yourself moving & entertained. A moment will come where you will either try to learn a new skill, brush up your old skills (which vanished because of your busy schedule) or just pass your time by entertaining yourself indoors.

Here are few things that I did to keep myself entertained – Singing karaoke, Painting, Exercise, Learning few magic tricks, a new language, solving a Rubix cube, making a card pyramid, practicing calligraphy, playing Uno & Ludo King (I will surely become a master in this by the end of quarantine), playing dumb charades and many more. Read 100 things to do in quarantine.

But trust me, enjoying every moment with your family is the fun part. Try to spend as much time with your family. Play all such games with them and be offline for a while.

5. Managing Personal & Family time

quarantine family time

This skill is mostly for people who have the option of working from home. You will learn how to manage your office work by being at home. You will know how to handle the work pressure and the whistles of the cooker pressure. (laughs)

I don’t know if this happens in your family, but I am supposed to make lunch if I am home. So, working from home means making lunch for my family. I learned how to manage my office work and ensured that the same does not clash with the home schedule.

6. Self-loving

self love

When you are too free, you tend to look in the mirror for more than 10 times a day. And of course, if you do so, you will see how dry/oily your skin is and how much care it needs. Now that you have so much time, you will learn the importance of self-care.

You will spend some extra time in trying a few homemade facemasks & pampering your skin. Hopefully, this self-loving will also continue post quarantine is over.

You are so busy in your day to day routine that you forget to take care of the most important person in your life – i.e. You. Be selfish when it comes to self-care. Spend some time in loving your body, appreciating the beautiful smile you got, dancing to your favorite beat and get involved in the depth of your eyes.

7. Learning new stuffs

learning new things

Plenty of time will encourage you to learn something new each day. You will be learning many soft skills which you won’t be aware of now, but it will be helpful in the coming future. Like knowing how to tie a tie, changing bulbs, repairing old watches, cleaning your white shoes, solving puzzles, etc.

Our brain will be bored with performing daily tasks and will start looking for other fun things to pass time. This will widen your way of thinking and you will start exploring new things, either about you or about your surroundings.

8. Being Active

staying fit & active

You might have a disagreement with this point because you have a lot of free time and you are just sitting like a lazy Panda. So, how can being active be a skill for you?

Even if you’re the laziest person on the earth, you cannot sit at one place for 24/7 for a period of 21 days. You will crave to do some work because you’ll be bored of sitting idle.

This is where being active comes in the picture. You will find ways to entertain yourself or at least perform a few household tasks. The next time this happens to you, notice that while performing the task, you will be completely involved in it and the laziness will fade away.

If you still find ways to be active, here are 10 effective ways to be active and alert always

9. Health-conscious

healthy food

Now that the restaurants/cafes are also closed, eating outside or ordering food online is not an available option. The only option left is to eat home-cooked food. Eating homemade meals on time and not eating junk/outside food for 21 days will make our skin look healthy & nourished.

Now I am so used to it, I don’t even remember what I used to eat or what was my routine before the coronavirus lockdown. People traveling outside will not be able to maintain the routine of eating homemade healthy food. But at least we will see the effect of both types of foods on our skin and will sooner or later realize the value of eating healthy.

10. Film/TV series Critic

film critic

Admit it, we all spent most of our time in binge-watching the TV show/movie we always wanted to watch. And now that we have seen plenty of them, we can review them very well. I have binge-watched so many series till now that I can start another blog reviewing them all.

And I think that the same would be in your case too. We can be Film/Tv series critics or review them well. We can suggest good movies to watch. Please leave a few of your suggestions in the comments as well.

11. Stalking people on social media

distraction social media

Some of us are already experts on this, but some will develop this skill during the quarantine phase. How one YouTube recommendation of watching a food recipe will end up on a makeup tutorial.

Plenty of time gives you plenty of things to explore. The more you explore unknown people, the more your stalking skills improve. This happened to me quite a few times that Instagram made me stalk the oldest pictures of the well-known influencers.

12. Knowing ourselves better

It’s been 21 days and I haven’t worn jeans. I have been roaming around the house in my favorite pyjamas. Recently, I discovered the love for them as earlier I rarely used to wear them.

This phase will actually help us to know ourselves better. We will be spending most of the time with ourselves, working on our old skills, discovering our passion, grooming ourselves, and many other things. We will find reasons to love ourselves.

13. Realizing the value of relationships

you are the average of 5

As we grow up, we get so involved in our college and office lives that we choose our career over our relations (be it with your family, friends or partner). Now that we have so much time, we have the option of calling them all and staying connected with them.

Pandemic quarantine made us realize that such relations will stay with us even in our bad times. This phase will make us realize how valuable friendship is or how valuable our family relation is. This phase made us realize that such relationships are valued more than money.

14. Hypersomnia Experts

man sleeping

Right before you google the meaning of this term, let me tell you that hypersomnia means when the person urges to sleep for more than 10 hours a day. When you have no work to do, you sleep for more than the required time.

Earlier than the coronavirus pandemic, you had no time to sleep. Now (even if you work from home) you take out some (or maybe more) time to take naps.

Sleep is the most important part of being healthy, but excess sleep makes you feel lethargic and also causes back pain. So be sure that you don’t sleep for more than 10 hours. We are most likely to become experts in this or maybe we already are but we didn’t have this time earlier to showcase our talent 😉

15. Expert in washing hands

washing hands

Weird but true. During the pandemic coronavirus quarantine phase, we have seen doctors/news reporters/police officers/influencers telling us about the correct way to wash hands. This has come to our notice several times that every person is now an expert in washing hands. Everyone, all over the world, know how to wash hands correctly.

There are tutorials on YouTube telling us how to wash hands for more than 20 seconds. Well no offense on this, as the only way to stay away from the COVID-19 coronavirus is by keeping our hands clean. Even if the coronavirus is evaded from the air, we’ll be still washing our hands for more than 20 seconds.


An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. The more time you stay idle, the more thoughts you’ll produce. This will make you worried about your future life.

There might be a lot of people around you telling you to focus on your career in this 21-day isolation period, built your skills, work on your goals, etc. Don’t get stressed out of you’re not willing to do so and please don’t even think for a second that you are wasting your time watching movies or playing indoor games & not doing anything productive.

Everything you do today will be somehow helpful to you in the future. Don’t look at it as a waste of time. I think we should just enjoy every moment of it because we won’t get this chance of relaxing for such a long period of time again in our lives (unless a similar virus like this enters the world, which we hope it doesn’t).

Comment how is the quarantine treating you and which skill you will be an expert in after the quarantine is over.

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