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Any content posted on this blog, if found similar to yours, is merely due to the same knowledge and vision we share or merely just a coincidence. If you find any of the words in my blog similar to your written or verbal form of content, you can ask me to give the credit (by providing evidence of copywriting).


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I am Just Like You & not an Actual Expert

I work as a full-time corporate professional and I am not an actual expert or hold a degree on any of the topics that are covered on this blog. The knowledge shared on the blog is what I got through reading books, listening to podcasts, watching videos on youtube, and noticing people on a daily basis.

The blog’s motive is informational and the advice given by me is merely meant to give you ideas which you can choose to apply and improve or just ignore. Before taking any steps that could potentially harm your health, please seek the advice of a licensed professional.

Concerning Credits

All the content you find on this blog are my honest finding, opinion, and is solely written by me. You are most welcome to link to my site or borrow any written material. But I request that the credit should be given by clearly stating the source of the article you link to. Thank you for taking care of these instructions.

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Suggestions? Query? Compliments?

I would love to hear from you. Your small appreciation can make my day. Feel free to contact me at drishtisharma3011@gmail.com. Maybe we can collab and create great content together!

Whew! Thanks for reading all the above.

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