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Hey there! I am so glad you found my post helpful and want to know more about me. The below questions will help you understand me better. Let’s go thru the rapid-fire round 😉

1. Who am I? Why do I write blogs?

My name is Drishti Sharma (24), and I am from India. Basically, I am a full-time corporate employee and a part-time blogger. I started off with blogging when it was too mainstream (Oct 2019).

I love talking/meeting new people and I just keep noticing their behavior. This helped me a lot to know more about the thoughts running in their minds. I got to know some great tricks to influence people and impress them easily.

In 2019-20, it is really easy to share your views in either written form or video content. So I started writing blogs through which I can share those small secrets/tricks to impress anyone by building a great personality.

My focus is on building your Personality (which I call – your Brand) and helping you improve yourself so that your PERSONALITY SPEAKS when your mouth doesn’t.

2. Where do I get this great content from?

90% by noticing people and 10% by reading self-help books, listening to podcasts, and watching interviews. I believe in practicality rather than just creating fancy/imaginary content as they are appealing to read but hard to implement. So, I apply all that knowledge in my routine, and if the outcome is positive, I prepare to share it with more people. VOILA! great content is just a click away.

If we match the quality of reading more books, here is an article I have written on 5 Best Self-help Books under Rs 100. Do check it out.

3. Why am I sharing these secrets (which are no longer secrets)?

Imagine yourself sitting at your balcony, sipping your tea, and you feel like singing a soft song in a sweet tone. After singing 1-2 lines of it, you hear your friend giving you a beat to your song, as if he is motivating you to sing more, sing aloud, and sing confidently.

I am your friend who gives your songs the beat you deserve. I help you groom your personality in the right way which motivates you, boosts your confidence, and prepares you to sing aloud in front of the world.

But in the end, it’s you who have to sing, it’s you who have to apply the changes suggested by me and feel the confidence pumped up in you.

4. Three things I am good at?

I am a Sagittarius, therefore, I am good at being sarcastic, straight-forward and cracking jokes(according to me)(laughs).

5. What do I do in my free time/What are my hobbies?

Ahh! In my free time… I notice people and judge them. Yes. I know its bad, but I do this most of the time and I am addicted to it now. But trust me, I am good at it. In most cases, my judgments are found to be true. I read people on their attire, looks, and body language.

Also, I just love sharing memes. I never consider scrolling through memes as a waste of time. Humor is a priority for me. Taking out time to find something funny around the world is the best use of time. If you love it too, you can share them on my Instagram and I will respond to it soon XD

6. Am I certified/Can you trust me?

Unfortunately, No. I am not certified in any of the fields in which I write. I have completed my post-grad in the field of commerce. Reading people, noticing and interacting with them is my hobby.

I personally trained myself through youtube videos, books, and other informative sources online. It’s pretty easy to gain knowledge about anything in this era.

With my knowledge, I am here to genuinely help people develop themselves to face the world. Whether to trust me or not is completely upon you.

7. Where am I mostly available at?

Instagram. For any questions, improvements, appreciations, you can contact me on my email –

Thanks for showing interest in me. I would love to hear it from you. Your compliment will make my day!

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