18 Best Gifts for women under Rs 1,000

All the men out there, Women’s Day is around the corner, it’s on 8th March 2020. Thanks to me, I knew you didn’t even know the date. But now that you know it, don’t take a risk of missing this opportunity to show love to the lady of your life – be it your mother, wife, sister, girlfriend, daughter, or even your crush.

Being a man, it’s kind of difficult to choose a gift for a woman. There are multiple options available to gift a woman that usually confuses men and leaves them with a question – which of these gifts can make her happy and is not heavy on my pocket?

Not to worry about this now. I, being a girl, will be revealing all the secrets of what products do women love to receive as a gift. You can gift anyone from the below recommendations and she will surely love the gift.

Moreover, it’s not about the gift you give, it’s about the time you spend with her. Make it a point to spend quality time and make your lady feel precious this women’s day (probably every day if you can).


Wallets & Clutches

It is one of the items that women love to have a collection of. This gift option can never go wrong.

Gift 1 –

Caprese Pepa Women’s Wallet (Peach)

Caprese Brand has been popular since Alia Bhatt became its brand ambassador. The color of this small wallet is attractive. It is best to keep a small currency and some change. It is easy to carry and it takes less space to fit in a place. This product is also washable, as the color is so light which can make it look dirty. The item is available in 5 different colors, you can choose what you like.

Still doubtful about the product? Check the price, reviews and be sure to purchase from the link below.

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Gift 2 –

Van Heusen Autumn-Winter 19 Women’s Wallet

A Branded wallet within a price of Rs 1000 is surely a deal to grab. With such a catchy color, Van Heusen’s wallet is perfect to accommodate the currency with a larger size and is also spacious for other small products to fit in. The color is dark enough to hide the dirt on the product. This one is a long-lasting product that has no negative reviews on Amazon.

Still confused? Check out the other features of the product from the link below and be sure of the purchase of the product.

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Gift 3 –

Tooba Handicraft Party Wear Beautiful Bling Box Clutch Bag Purse For Bridal, Casual, Party, Wedding

Such an amazing product in such a less price range. The golden glitter on the clutch is eye-catching. Women are always short of party/wedding accessories and clutches or purse is one of them. This is the best option and works for all events – office party, wedding, farewell, etc. It is spacious enough to carry a mobile phone and a few other important stuffs. Also, the golden shine will match with all the party outfits. The person receiving it will totally love this gift.

You better not take a second choice on this. Click on the link below to buy the product. This product looks expensive, but it is not. Best buy at this price.

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Gift 4 –

KLEIO Stylish Jacquard PU Leather Side Cross Body Sling Handbag Purse

This is just a bigger version of a wallet – called a Sling Handbag. Trust me, every girl needs it. The design of this bag is so spacious and it can carry multiple items in it. This bag is made of leather material, easily washable, easy to carry at any place, perfect for both – party or normal events. The colorful handcrafted material on the top of the bag makes it look more attractive. It is available in many other colors but I personally loved this one.

Gift the women of your life this Sling handbag by clicking on the link below.

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Gift 5 –

Tooba Handicraft Beautiful Flower clutch bag purse for party/wedding

Another amazing party/wedding item that is easy to carry and has a shine on the top with a few beautiful flowers on it. The item is unique and impressive to the eye. It is available in 12 different colors. Pick whichever you like. I liked this white clutch because it goes with almost all the party wear outfits.

Be sure to make a purchase for this product from the link below.

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Artificial Jewelry

Gift 6 –

Shining Diva Fashion Italian Designer Gold Plated Anklets for Women (Rose Gold)

Although this is an anklet, it can be worn as a bracelet too. The finishing of the product is amazing and the price is kind of below 500. You can pair this gift with any other gift from the recommendation. Women love jewelry and this one is so lightweight that it can be worn daily.

Check the reviews, price & rating of the product. Once you’re done with that, make sure you make a purchase too.

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Gift 7 –

ORPIO PU Leather Travel/Jewelry Storage Box Organizer

All women buy jewelry in bulk but they don’t have a proper storage box for it. They usually forget where they kept their earrings or pendants. This organizer will help them to keep every jewelry in one place. It has different cabins for finger-rings, earrings, neckpiece, and bangles. It is spacious and easy to use. This will be a perfect gift for a lady who loves to organize their jewels.

Don’t miss to buy this product. Make your purchase right away to show some love to your lady. Click on the link below.

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Gift 8 –

Yellow Chimes Crystals from Swarovski Classic Designer Gold Plated Stylish Hoop Earrings

The picture is so amazing and so as the product. The reviews of this product are mostly positive and people have recommended this product as the best gifting option. The combination of silver and gold makes it look so appealing. It has a heart shape design at the back of the earring.

Still in doubt about the quality of the product? Click on the link below to check the reviews. Make sure to make a purchase when your doubts are cleared.

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Gift 9 –

University Trendz Silver Metal Queen Crown Pattern Ring

Probably the best gift (under 500) that you can give to a woman. A crown shaped ring will purely justify the queen soul every woman has. The ring will bring a shine on the hands of your lady love. I would be overwhelmed to receive this as a gift. Although the product falls under the range of 500, the reviews on Amazon are amazing.

Make a purchase from the link below once you check the reviews.

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Gift 10 –

Skinn Celeste Fragrance For Women, 20ml

Yes! I got you a Skinn perfume that is below the price of 1000 (or say 600) The perfume is just 20ml small bottle which is probably easy to carry at any place. It has many other fragrances but the Celeste fragrance is just over the top of all. The product is categorized under Amazon’s Choice & it is an original product by Titan.

You can check the other fragrances too. Make sure to purchase from the link below if you have made your mind to buy it.

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Gift 11 –

Dance by Shakira Eau De Toilette, 50ml

First of all, can we just take a moment to appreciate the shape of the bottle? Super unique and attractive of all. Totally goes with the name – Dance Shakira. The fragrance of the product is just as amazing at its shape. Perfumes are anyways sold on the basis of their look. Make sure you check the reviews of the product.

What’s still holding you to buy this product? Click on the button below to make a purchase.

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Beauty Kit/Set

I personally believe that gifting products as a set/kit are the best gifting option for women because the lady receiving it will be getting 3-4 products as a set instead of just one product.

Gift 12 –

Bodyherbals Orange Surprise Bathing Set (Orange Shower Gel, Bathing Bar, Spa Accessories) Personal Care, Beauty, Skin Care

I can smell this image. Every bit of this product looks appealing. The shape, the products inside it and the cover of the box. You get 4 items in this set which are related to bath and skincare. Of course, ladies usually forget to take care of their skin. This item would be the best buy to say – that you care for her.

Try your luck and click on the link below to check if the price of the product is under rs 1000. If it is, just buy it.

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Gift 13 –

Upscale Luxury Spa Gift Basket Set with Refreshing fragrance Premium Skincare

The previous one was in a heart-shaped box. This is a hamper with around 4-5 items in it. The packing is as amazing as the products inside the package. The person receiving it will feel like a celebrity receiving a gift hamper. Totally a worth buy product. Check the reviews if you are not sure about the purchase.

Once you are sure, make your purchase by clicking on the link below.

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Category V

Makeup/Travel Kit

Gift 14 –

Kroniv Cosmetic Makeup and Toiletry Bag Organiser Household Grooming Kit with Hook for Men and Women

A kit that sets everything in place, is spacious to accommodate all your products and is easy to carry. This product has all the features you need in a makeup kit bag. The bright baby pink color makes the product look adorable. You can even use it as a travel kit or a first aid kit. The best part of the product is that it’s unisex. The product has different color options too (in case you don’t like pink).

Still thinking whether to buy it or not? Just click on the link &check the price. The product is the best to buy at such a price.

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Gift 15 –

Satyam Kraft Bucket Barrel Shaped Cosmetic Makeup Bag Travel Case Pouch Toiletry kit (3 Pcs)

It seems to be cute, right? The bag is so spacious and at the same time, it occupies less space in your bag. It is a makeup bag/travel case with a pack of 3. Three cute combinations of navy blue, sky blue, and peach color. Just one problem, the bag isn’t as organized as the previous one. But you’re getting 3 bags instead of one at the same price.

Be sure to make a purchase from the link below if you loved the look of the product.

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Gift 16 –

Bellofox® Forever Classy Black Color Cat-eye Sunglasses

Trust me on this, the reviews and the product is genuine. This sunglass was actually categorized under Alia Bhatt’s look. The shape of the sunglass is unique and stylish. It seems to be expensive but it isn’t that expensive. Have a look at the features of the product. The image here might seem dull, but the product is truly amazing.

Sure about the purchase of the product? Buy it from the link below.

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Gift 17 –

Vast Day Vision Unisex Round Sunglasses

Circular shaped sunglasses are popular nowadays. Every girl wishes to be updated with the trend. The circular blue shades are the best options to buy this year. The blue frame gives the cooling effect to the eye. Be sure to check the reviews before you make a purchase.

Sunglasses are classy & are still considered as the best gifting option. Make sure to buy the product from the link below.

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Gift 18 –

Dervin Golden-Black UV Protection Octagonal Sunglasses/Frame For Men & Women

Just like the circular sunglass, these octagon-shaped black shades look classy, trendy & stylish. The black color goes well with any outfit. The product is unique and attractive. The product is under 500. You can add another gift from the above recommendations while gifting this. Check the reviews & features before making a purchase.

I don’t think you should be missing on buying this product. She will definitely love it. Buy it from the link below.

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All the products recommended here are of my personal choice and opinion. It took me a while to search for the best rating products that are budget-friendly and useful for a woman. Make your purchase before its too late.

Disclaimer – The price of each product recommended here are subject to change. The Amazon Women’s Day Sale is live wherein products are sold at discounts. The products are recommended by keeping the Sale in mind.

What are you Gifting the women of your life this Women’s Day 2020?

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