How much money can make you RICH?

$10,000, $100,000, 1 million or 10 million. How much money do you actually need to be rich? This is the question that everyone is searching for an answer.

The answer to the question can be complicated as every country has a different baseline to be in the “Rich” category. It’s hard to determine the amount of money you need to be called rich as the definition of being rich differs from person to person & country to country.

How much money makes you rich?

According to, in order to make it in the 1% highest earners in the world’s population, you should have an annual income of approximately:

  • 30,250 Euros
  • 35,000 US Dollars
  • 2 Million Indian rupees
  • 223,000 Chinese Yuan

Congratulations if your annual income falls into any of the categories above. But even if your income falls under this category, does this mean you’re living the lifestyle of the “Riches”? The big house, the sports car, the constant travel?


This is where the math gets complicated. Calculating how rich you are cannot be done only on the basis of your income. Your expenses should also be considered. After all, the balance sheet tallies post deducting the liabilities from the assets.

There are other factors that should be taken into consideration to be termed as rich, such as – how much tax do you pay, how many children do you have, how much property do you own, what kind of a lifestyle you have, etc.

Earning more will never make you feel rich if you’re living an expensive lifestyle. Researchers say that you’ll be considered to be rich in a scenario where – you stopped working or an unfortunate event made it impossible for you to generate new cash, you would be able to maintain your current lifestyle for at least one year.

So the question still remains unanswered – How much money can make you rich? Can money make you rich or how you feel with the money makes you rich? Its all about the money mindset that people adapt. Most people feel insecure about money and never want to loose it. They fear money.

Do you know that most people who are rich DON’T really FEEL RICH?

Ken Honda, the biggest selling personal growth author in Japan, did a study of 12,000 millionaires in Japan. He asked them just one question.

Do you feel rich?

He found that most people whom we would consider as rich, never truly felt rich. Isn’t this actually a curse?

Ken asked a man who had just received a million dollars in his bank account, “Do you feel rich?”

He said, “No, I don’t.”

Ken asked, “What can make you feel rich?”

He thought about it and said, “You know, I think 10 million would make me feel rich.”

Later then, Ken interviewed a guy who had $10 million cash.

Ken asked him, “Do you feel rich?”

And the guy said, “No, I don’t.”

Ken said, “What would make you feel rich?”

And he goes, “I think a private jet.”

Ken then interviewed a guy with a private jet.

And he asked this man, “Do you feel rich?”

The man replied, “No, it’s a six-seater jet. I would be happy if my jet can occupy more people.”

In short – no one is satisfied with the amount of income they earn, be it $10,000, $100,000, 1 million or 10 million.

So, what TRULY makes you FEEL RICH?

What if I tell you that it’s less about the figures and more about your mindset? Some are living a happy life even after earning 20,000 Indian Rupees and some are unhappy even after earning 1 Crore Indian Rupees. What’s the difference in both cases? It’s about the mindset you adopt and the way you look at the money defines how happy you are with your current income.

Gaur Gopal Das in his TedEx video said –

“If you really want to know how rich you are; count the number of things you have, that money cannot buy.”

If you have both your hands, legs, ears, eyes in a good working condition; if you all the organs in your body are working well – You are in the 5% category of the world population that is considered to be healthy.

If you have a loving family beside you, be thankful that you’re not a part of 153 million orphans in the world.

If you have friends around you with whom you can share your concerns & feelings, congratulations! Because approximately 3.4% of the world population dies due to loneliness & depression.

Now after knowing about the small percentage bucket you fall in, answer this question –

“Do you feel rich now or you still think that only a million dollar can make you feel rich?”

Being rich should not be calculated on the terms of salaries, properties or figures. It should be more about how healthy you are or how much of a stress-free life do you live.

Stop focusing on being rich. Instead, focus on being wealthy.

What is the difference between being Wealthy & being Rich?

According to Robert Kiyosaki-

“There is a difference between the two: The rich have lots of money but the wealthy don’t worry about money.”

Being wealthy is about the financial freedom you have. It’s about adapting the mindset of – thinking about money as a material that is easily available in a form of the air we breathe, i.e. available in plenty for all.

It’s not about the fancy car you own and the big house you live in that determines how wealthy you are. It’s about how polite or generous you are while interacting with your housekeeping, how many people will support you in your bad times, how loving and caring you are with your partner or how much time do you spend with your loved ones. In true terms, these things will make you wealthy.

Admit it, earning million dollars will be a waste if you have no one besides you to console you in your bad times.

sad man siting on a chair

We as a human, need the support of another human to live a happy life. That’s why God gave us the authority to choose our friends & life partners.

How to become wealthy?

There are plenty of articles you can find online that will give you tips on how to be wealthy & successful. I will be listing a few of them that actually worked for me and the ones which I look forward to adapting in my life.

1. Stop comparing everything in terms of money

Everything near you is valuable, but not necessarily come with a price tag. Stop looking at everything from a businessmen’s perspective. There are things that money cannot buy.

2. Start finding people who will stand by your side in your bad times

It is so important to have people to laugh & cry with you when you need them. Remember I mentioned earlier? 3.4% of people die due to loneliness. Make true friends who will stand by your side till the end.

3. Focus on giving rather than receiving

My mom asked me “Drishti, do you believe in true love? I said – “I believe in giving rather than receiving. If you can’t give love, then don’t expect to receive true love.” Trust me, destiny doesn’t want your bad. The good deeds you give will multiply & come back to you in the same form.

4. Find your happiness in the success of others

If you focused on the third point above, you will naturally be happy in other’s success.

5. Greet people with a smile, respect & generosity

I admire such people who have this genuine smile on their face always. The moment you look at them, it automatically brings a smile at your face. Be a smile giver. Just don’t make it look awkward. Give a genuine smile.

6. Take care of your health

The healthier you are, the more your body will have the capacity to work for you. Spend some time with yourself. Notice how you react to different situations. Focus on having a healthy body and a healthy mind.

7. Do not hesitate to communicate with new people

Initiate small talks. This will increase your confidence level and communication. The more you interact with strangers, the more diverse your thinking would be.

Final Thoughts

If you keep focusing on the numbers in your payslip and neglect your behavior towards other people, you will be missing out on life. You might be considered to be rich in this case, but not a wealthy human. Your behavior towards other people and the people around you make you wealthy.


Instead of counting the number of zeros in your salary, concentrate on the number of supporters and admirers you have around you.

People these days admire men with quality that are hard to find. Be one of them. If you’re not, then change yourself to be one.

One final question for you – Which one are you – The Rich or The Wealthy?

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